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Cemtec GMBH

Rutherford Sales and Equipment is a company dedicated to the sourcing and supply of high quality new and used mineral processing equipment since 1990. The Rutherford family has been providing respected service to the mining industry for over 100 years. Our areas of expertise are primarily in crushing and grinding applications.
We are the North American agent of Cemtec Cement and Mining Technology GmbH of Austria. New equipment from Cemtec is including but not limited to: Ball / Rod Mills, SAG/AG Mills, Rotary Dryers, Kilns, Disc Pelletizers, Mixing Drums, Washing Drums and Flue Gas Desulphurization Systems Cemtec has developed from the cement industry wherein which they have provided complete turnkey operations from grinding, pelletizing, rotary dryers, full structural and conveyance systems as well as their own vertical roller mill and many innovative operational enhancements.. This has led to their progression into the mineral processing industry in the past number of years.  The company has manufactured over 400 mills of various sizes as well as a multitude of rotary kilns, dryers, scrubbers etc.  Cemtec can offer conventional gear drives, dual pinion-dual drives, dual pinion-single drives and gearless drives. Cemtec offers a complete test laboratory service at their facility in Enns, Austria. From test work right up to commissioning, this company has the knowledge,  innovation and dedication to manage large cement and mineral processing projects.
Let us quote your requirements for either new or used your upcoming ventures.

Don Rutherford, Email:Rsequiment@gmail.com, Tel:  705 497-9830, Fax: 705 497-9833